Saturday, 7 May 2016


There’s nothing standing in my way
I remind myself of this
The price has already been paid
 But it is always hit or miss.

I open my eyes and look around
This bright and shiny room
I am careful not to make a sound
It is as quiet as a tomb

Moving along and looking ahead
Haunted by the past
I dreamt that I was cut and bled
I need to make this moment last.

Anxious to not waste my time
I get in my car and drive
Sometimes a song will make me cry
I’ve never felt so alive.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter Blues

 It is that time of year again. Two months ago we were enjoying summer-like weather, but overnight it changed. Now there has been 3 weeks of rain, clouds, and dark days. Presently, I am appreciating it. Lying in bed listening to the rain, staying in and getting some game time in, reading, exercising, hot tea and winter recipes... They’re all things that I enjoy about winter.  Soon, however, the fatigue will sink in. Usually a couple of weeks before Christmas, I start to drag myself around. A few years ago I ended up at the doctor for a myriad of tests, insisting that there was something seriously wrong with me. Thank goodness, there was nothing. After last year, I finally relinquished denial and realized that I suffer from SAD.

Everyone’s symptoms of SAD will vary. I become exhausted. On Groundhog day 2012 (February 2nd) I finally realized that SAD applies to me. I don’t think it was epically sunny or anything, but I suddenly had my energy back! I was at work, and I caught myself singing. I became more talkative and noticed an increase in general willingness to complete my daily tasks. Although I didn’t feel depressed in the winter, I did find myself feeling more positive, and my customer service skills were being put into full use.  I was so relieved.

After that, of course, I had to incessantly read on the internet about SAD. I wanted a sure answer for what caused it. Unfortunately, there is no such thing, just a variety of hypotheses.  Lack of sunlight is obviously has something to do with it, but weather its affecting the chemical balance of our brains, the body’s natural clock, hormone production and distribution, or if it’s just a natural genetic tendency to hibernate in the winter is yet to be determined.  I did find it strange that I snapped out of in February, even though the weather had not improved much.  This got me thinking about my own theories involving gravity, sun distance, and moon cycles, but I am not informed enough to even touch on that!

This year, I decided to take action. I have not bought a light-therapy device yet (more research to be done on that), but I started taking Vitamin D earlier this year. I changed job locations, allowing me to have more time to myself instead of commuting to and from the office, I started to work out and train myself to run.  I focus on eating fairly well and taking multi vitamins, and I started to practice relaxation, specifically these apps that I discovered on the Iphone. I hope these measures offer some relief, and I will let everyone know in February how it went!

Do you suffer from SAD? If so, I would love to hear some stories, theories and solutions!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

More Instagram!

Hey Everyone!

I know that Instagram is old and that everyone is already doing it. I also know that it isn't "real" photography.. I mean, how can it be? I take all the pictures with my Iphone! I do think, however, that one does require and artistic eye in order to decide which pictures to take and "Instagram", and I couldn't resist but to join the hordes of people that post doctored photos on Facebook! Here is a few more pictures that I have taken recently while out and about in Portland Oregon. Oh, and yes, for those who don't already know, I am one of those people that takes a picture of everything I eat. I tend to not Instagram those though; they go into my "Lunch" album on Facebook.

A selection of sauces at Southland Whiskey Kitchen

The ceiling deco at a Vietnamese place. Mmm.. Pho! Disclaimer: the lanterns did not look nearly as cool pre-Instagram.

Yummy lattes (and Crepes) at Vivace

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Right Back at It!

Hello to all my friends, readers and fellow bloggers:

No, I haven’t given up on blogging. I know that it seems that I have because it’s been many many months.  Now here are the excuses: ok, I have no excuses. Sure, there are busy times, but none more than before when I seemed to find the time to blog. The truth is, I was uninspired. I don’t know why, I just was. That being said, I was passive in attempting to recapture inspiration. I found myself more interested in photos than writing, and caught up in my daily routines. Honestly, I was feeling a little negative for a bit, but a couple minor changes has helped me veer towards the positive again.  Nothing serious, just a mundane routine and lack of healthy choices, but those little things can really tire you out over time. Anyways, for those that still click on my page, thanks, and I’m back, Baby!!

In regards to my preference for pictures, check it out, I discovered Instagram!

Cheers! Thanks for reading!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

Oh Monday mornings. Personally, as I explained here, I am not a morning person on any day. I would even have trouble with a 10 am wake up time. Mondays, however, are somehow worse. Perhaps it is because I sleep in on the weekends, and my body would like to stick to the new, more favorable schedule. It could be from the lack of proper nutrition (I eat pretty much whatever I want on the weekends, within reason), or it could be the fact that I have to wait a whole five days before being granted the freedom to do whatever I want again. All I know for certain is that when my alarm goes off at 6:19am on Monday, I have to try not to cry.

Image couresy of this site

When I first awake in the morning, I relish in my 15 minute snooze, and fill my mind with thoughts of the people in my life that make me happy. Unfortunately, those wonderful, happy thoughts are quickly replaced with malaise and annoyance, and I brood about hating my job and how unfair life is. Of course, this is ridiculous, and I do have perspective. Still though, I cannot seem to shake the Monday (every) morning blues! I decided to come up with some things that I can do to shake my bad mood. Here’s what I have so far.

1)      Think about breakfast. I am a total foodie, and I notice that on the days that we have a special lunch at work, it is easier for me to get out of bed. I always eat my breakfast when I arrive at the office, and although it is healthy, it is delicious. Thinking about how I will soon get to enjoy a yummy meal makes me realize that life is not so bad. If you don’t eat breakfast, start to. All that stuff about it being the most important meal of the day is true. Oh, and please eat something substantial for breakfast. A doughnut doesn’t count.
2)      Think about something in life that makes you happy. Aside from food, there is usually something enjoyable happening in life. Whether it is plans for the next weekend, a special someone, a highly anticipated movie or TV show, or even just a sunny day. Focus on that. The minute your mind wanders from that, get up and busy yourself with the morning routine.
3)      Ignore your stress for a moment. Sometimes we have stressful things happening in our lives and of course our minds will be preoccupied with these issues. Save them for later. The day is long, and you will have plenty of time to work out the details and find solutions to your problems.
4)      Yoga. Here is a short routine that makes you feel great. I do not really do it much in the morning, as I snooze to the last moment, but often do it in the evening. I will try to follow my own advice.
5)      Do not hurry! I am lucky, I have to catch the train so cannot leave the house a minute too late. It gets me to the office with plenty of time to enjoy my breakfast, chat on my phone and read the news without stressing. I highly suggest making sure that you get to work with time to spare. It makes all the difference on the longevity of a bad mood.
6)      With that extra few minutes you give yourself by committing to not having to rush, you will have time to look at funny pictures! Funny pictures are my #1 solution to a bad mood. You are forced to smile and even laugh out loud, which naturally releases endorphins. Plus, sharing funny things with others is a great way to bond and share the wealth of a good mood.
7)      Drink coffee or tea. Caffeine works, and in small doses is not bad for you. Coffee is full of antioxidants. Do not sweeten it (you will get used to the taste after a week or two), and buy some to keep at the office to make yourself so that you don’t go broke from Starbucks visits.
8)      Listen to the radio while getting ready. Most stations will have a morning show, and they’re meant to aid us with our moods and energy levels. The music played will be upbeat, and the content will be funny. I am a huge believer that comedy helps fix things in life!
9)      Make sure your alarm isn’t super annoying! I personally wake up to the “Harp” sound on the Iphone. It is fairly quiet but vibrates at the same time and continues on until I acknowledge it. For me, it makes my wake up somewhat tolerable. I can’t help but start my day with a frown when I hear the obnoxious BEEP BEEP BEEP that I used to wake up to. Before I had the Iphone, I would wake up to the radio. Try a few things, and always make sure you have a backup set until you find a foolproof solution.
10)  If all else fails, just remember that this mood will not last forever; remember that your life doesn’t really suck, and if at the moment it does, repeat the mantra: This too shall pass.

Please, if anyone else has any suggestions, do tell! I need all the help I can get!

Cheers! And thanks for reading!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

My thoughts on the whole Kony 2012 thing.

Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I have obviously been exposed to the Kony video by the non-profit organization Invisible Children. Now, I didn’t watch it right away due to limited video capabilities at work, so I had all day to read about it before watching it on my iphone on the train ride home.

After spending the day reading comments, articles and criticism about both Joseph Kony and Invisible Children, the organization that is working to see him captured, I was really expecting am moving video. I have seen so many of my Facebook friends’ post it, and these are people that I had no idea had any interest in human rights. I mean as a human everyone has somewhat of a natural tendency to care about others, but there are some people that actually pursue information about human rights, and others that are actually active in the process of abolishing crimes against humanity. Pretty much everyone was posting it, and it goes to show how far the media will reach.

The video is good. It was very well done and anyone in film school would receive a good grade for the production. It was moving, but for me not entirely so. As someone that reads a lot of non fiction and has read about human rights atrocities all over the world in great detail, I felt it was lacking the shock value that I think is required to make people really hear and want to make a difference. That being said, I do understand that it needs to appeal to a wide audience and that not everyone is as seasoned as I am as to what goes on in this terrible world.

Throughout the day, I read several articles and Facebook statuses condemning the Invisible Children’s group. They posted the financial stats for the non profit organization, and are accusing them of frivolous spending and not sending enough money to Africa. They say that people should know how they are spending the money before donating and that all they are doing is making videos. This is all very true. People shouldn’t open their wallets for any organization with a sad story. It is great to see that people are being critical of things that are being presented to us in the media, especially in the form of viral videos. It is true that the Invisible Children’s group is not sending a lot of aid money to Africa, and are instead making videos and posters and paying employees that are spending their days on social media and are in Washington, as well as all over the world trying to spread the word of this horrible man and the terrible things he is doing to the children of Uganda.

In this case, I find that people are being overly critical. If you actually watch and listen to the whole video, it is never once stated that they send a lot of money to aid in Africa. They are all bout raising awareness. They are spending money making videos, they are meeting with politicians, and they are spreading the word in the best way possible: through social media. Are there many other war criminals that need to be captured? Yes. Does sexual slavery exist in North America? Yes, it is quite abundant. Are there major global issues that all need to be addressed? Yes. The problem is that none of this will ever be addressed without awareness. I feel that people should not urge others away from Invisible Children, and that the fact that they might not be that great with money does not make their cause or voice any less credible.  The reason that I am not overly concerned with their financial report is because I appreciate that they made me aware of Joseph Kony. I know about the terrible murders and rapes that happen in Africa. I know about the armies of child soldiers. I did not know who was responsible for them, but now I do. I will not donate any money to Invisible Children, because I do not have any to donate, and if I do make a societal contribution, it will be to my local Children Hospital. Instead, I will assist their cause, as it is a noble one, by sharing the video, by writing this post, and by talking about it with others.

I urge people to follow the Human Rights Watch. I have them on Facebook and Twitter, and they are constantly sharing their knowledge of global issues, including issues right here in North America. I look forward to Joseph Kony getting arrested, and those poor children getting to lead normal lives. I hope that this video makes people more aware of what is going on in the world, and inspires people to band together and help out. Everyone deserves to be free, and no one should be a slave to anyone. I hope that people do not forget about Kony 2012, or ignore the pleas of Invisible Children based on influence by over critical individuals.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Friends,

I wanted to post about Valentines Day, and decided that I wanted to share all of the pictures that I came across on Facebook today that made me smile. Hope you enjoy!

My best friend on her wedding day 07/02/2012

Hello Kitty  loves Valentines day!

The Wall of Love at Lavan

My good friends, owners of White Album

My friend Ethel's favorite Valentine: CoCo! 
Was a little too cold for a real Frappuccion, so this will do.

My favorite Valentine pic of the day! Danbo! See more,

Hope everyone had a great day, and had a chance to reflect on love at some point. Cheers!