Monday, 29 August 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Well, I finally decided to see what this Twitter thing is all about. I was actually inspired by a fellow blogger Lydia's post. She had just signed up for Twitter, and after working through the initial struggles, she seems to ghave gotten hang of it right away! I started to sign in weekly and check out the “Twitterverse”, rather than semi annually. I still didn’t really get the reason for using @, or the #. I would update my status with a random comment, and sign out. I was trying to treat it like Facebook, which I spend a ton of time on, but it is actually really different, almost incomparably so.

The other night, I had some spare time on my hands and decided to figure it all out once and for all. I was stuck and didn’t know who to follow, what to say, when to use the #, or why I was even there! Then I remembered. One of my Twitter loving friends told me that as a blogger, I should be on there. Of course, I am just getting started and only starting to build my readership, but she said that if I advertise it on Twitter, I’d be sure to gain followers!

So, back to the other night. I was sitting in front of my huge computer screen (as I am in need of a new laptop, and to cheap to get a real cord for my old one) mulling, and reading, and clicking on things that piqued my interest. I would go to the profiles of my very few followers and see what they did. I just grew more confused as I surfed.  Then, I Googled “how to use Twitter”.  When in doubt, Google! Alas, there were several tutorials and explanations on how to become a part of the Twitterverse. I clicked the 1st one and only read some of it, as I knew that I just wanted to get started. I’m also not very patient, as I explained in one of my older blog posts...

So, some of you will see me attempting to Tweet and make sense of the whole thing. Since I only half read the tutorial, I may be doing some things wrong. Forgive me if I am. I am honestly a little overwhelmed by it! I cannot keep up with all of the tweets, and I’m following less than a hundred people!  It’s only been a few days and I’ve already wasted several hours on it… Twitter has become part of my daily social networking routine. Next on the list? Google + ( I have an account, but only 2 friends…), but that is a whole other quagmire.

Soon to come: a "Follow me on Twitter" button!!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Pic and a Poem

I know that I haven't been blogging much lately. I blame it on summer. Here is another easy blog post, but something different as well. I found a poem that I wrote that isn't stupid or depressing (I've been writing since my teens), and a picture I took this summer that I love! With you, I share.

Honesty comes over me
but we're not face to face. 
How different would this all be
If my reality was your embrace. 

This feeling is so pure and serene
stemmed from commonness, likeness, and respect
Like a tranquil, temperate, tantalizing breeze:
A soulful encounter that I didn't expect. 

Your presence is a cliche to me
Roses are red after all,
The cherry blossoms for the Japanese, 
the long cozy Northwest fall.

You look at me, and what you see is me
you know exactly how to feel. 
I can hardly breathe, need to count to three
It almost all seems to be real! 


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hawaii Post!

As some of you may remember, I took off for a week in Maui back in April. It was an amazing trip, and I picked a few of my fave pics to share!
Of course, this is a very small selection. One thing I want to ensure that all potential Maui visitors know is that you really should do the Road to Hana. It is one of the most amazing drives I have been on. Maui is breathtaking, the temperature is perfect, and it is the epitome of paradise. Now, to get my shit together so I can move there.... :) I hope you enjoy the pics!
On the way to Haleakala Crater

Beautiful flowers growing everywhere!

Near the top of the crater!
Beautiful sunset at 10000 feet!

Enjoyed a great dinner at at fancy restaurant on the beach!

View from our table at Bubba Gump's in Lahaina

Got lucky and saw a rainbow while on the dinner cruise!

Wildlife sanctuary that we frequently drove past.

On the Road to Hana, one of the many stops: a black beach.

Volcanic rock combined with crashing waves and amazing turquoise water = beautiful photo ops!

example of the many falls we drove by on the Road to Hana
Still on the Road to Hana: taro fields.

Freshly baked!
Really cool building we drove by after passing the turnaround point in Hana.

Hana Highway. Yup, highway...