Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hawaii Post!

As some of you may remember, I took off for a week in Maui back in April. It was an amazing trip, and I picked a few of my fave pics to share!
Of course, this is a very small selection. One thing I want to ensure that all potential Maui visitors know is that you really should do the Road to Hana. It is one of the most amazing drives I have been on. Maui is breathtaking, the temperature is perfect, and it is the epitome of paradise. Now, to get my shit together so I can move there.... :) I hope you enjoy the pics!
On the way to Haleakala Crater

Beautiful flowers growing everywhere!

Near the top of the crater!
Beautiful sunset at 10000 feet!

Enjoyed a great dinner at at fancy restaurant on the beach!

View from our table at Bubba Gump's in Lahaina

Got lucky and saw a rainbow while on the dinner cruise!

Wildlife sanctuary that we frequently drove past.

On the Road to Hana, one of the many stops: a black beach.

Volcanic rock combined with crashing waves and amazing turquoise water = beautiful photo ops!

example of the many falls we drove by on the Road to Hana
Still on the Road to Hana: taro fields.

Freshly baked!
Really cool building we drove by after passing the turnaround point in Hana.

Hana Highway. Yup, highway...        


  1. omg! gorgeous picturesss! i want a holiday!

  2. Those are awesome... I went to Maui with my parents when I was a kid - I soooo need to go back. Especially after seeing these pictures. Can you imagine living there and seeing those things every single day?


  3. Amazingly beautiful photos! So jealous, I've never been to Maui or anywhere near there. I hear its totally worth it though!


  4. To say the least, these are great pictures :)

  5. Thanks!

    I soooo want to move to Maui!

    These were hard to select, I love to take pictures and have so many! I can't wait to start using a good camera!

  6. I, for one, (or not for one) am extremely jealous. If I ever get that million bucks, the mainland would have to kiss my butt goodbye!

  7. Hawaii's my dream location & these are so beautiful. x hivenn

  8. What a stunning looking place - I would love to visit Hawaii someday. It looks like paradise!

  9. It really is amazing. the only think I don't like about Hawaii, is that now that Ive been there, its the only place I want to be!