Monday, 29 August 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Well, I finally decided to see what this Twitter thing is all about. I was actually inspired by a fellow blogger Lydia's post. She had just signed up for Twitter, and after working through the initial struggles, she seems to ghave gotten hang of it right away! I started to sign in weekly and check out the “Twitterverse”, rather than semi annually. I still didn’t really get the reason for using @, or the #. I would update my status with a random comment, and sign out. I was trying to treat it like Facebook, which I spend a ton of time on, but it is actually really different, almost incomparably so.

The other night, I had some spare time on my hands and decided to figure it all out once and for all. I was stuck and didn’t know who to follow, what to say, when to use the #, or why I was even there! Then I remembered. One of my Twitter loving friends told me that as a blogger, I should be on there. Of course, I am just getting started and only starting to build my readership, but she said that if I advertise it on Twitter, I’d be sure to gain followers!

So, back to the other night. I was sitting in front of my huge computer screen (as I am in need of a new laptop, and to cheap to get a real cord for my old one) mulling, and reading, and clicking on things that piqued my interest. I would go to the profiles of my very few followers and see what they did. I just grew more confused as I surfed.  Then, I Googled “how to use Twitter”.  When in doubt, Google! Alas, there were several tutorials and explanations on how to become a part of the Twitterverse. I clicked the 1st one and only read some of it, as I knew that I just wanted to get started. I’m also not very patient, as I explained in one of my older blog posts...

So, some of you will see me attempting to Tweet and make sense of the whole thing. Since I only half read the tutorial, I may be doing some things wrong. Forgive me if I am. I am honestly a little overwhelmed by it! I cannot keep up with all of the tweets, and I’m following less than a hundred people!  It’s only been a few days and I’ve already wasted several hours on it… Twitter has become part of my daily social networking routine. Next on the list? Google + ( I have an account, but only 2 friends…), but that is a whole other quagmire.

Soon to come: a "Follow me on Twitter" button!!



  1. Hehe!!! I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM with this twitter devil thing! I thought i was the only one (stupid enough not to understand why some people ADORE it). I still haven't found something ''wow'' on Twitter and still don't know the meaning of # etc... So if you find out please tell me! I just press the button Twitter every time i post something on my blog so i post it on twitter too. That's all i am doing with the twitter... Take care honey! (and sorry for my Greekglish!)

  2. Twitter was definitely strange when I first went on it. I kept "tweeting" what I wanted to search for haha. Good thing about social networks is that you have the potential to meet a whole butt load of people (and also bring visitors to your site). Glad I found your blog and keep tweeting!

    Twitter ID: work2travelasia

  3. Thanks! I'm glad I found your site too. I want to go on a Philippine island excursion!