Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Labor Day

I honestly feel that one of main components of my misery is disappointment. I mean, I’m not a miserable person per se, but we all have our moments of frustration and sadness. I find that for me, those instances are most likely to occur when disappointment is involved.

My current disappointment is caused by ruined weekend plans due to sickness. I was all packed and ready to go, but unable to do so due to exhaustion and the possibility that I’m contagious. This form of disappointment is one of the most frustrating, as I have no one to point my finger at. I must simply try to be patient, but as you can read here, patience is a constant challenge for me. To be angry and my unknown sickness is futile; it just breeds more negative energy inside of me.

So, I am trying to keep myself amused, alone and forlorn on this sunny Labor Day long weekend. Here are some of my tools. 

Star Wars Mod for Call of Duty 4!

Good old Family Guy (and Simpsons) reruns always cheer me up for a bit!

Gotta trust the herbs!    More on the benefits here!

My throat is really sore. I like the cherry ones the best!

Here's one of the things I missed out on:
  Doesn't it look yummy? I luv America Cake!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! I am getting a ton of rest and doing my best to enjoy my relaxation. Oh and if for some reason you're bored and want to read about something on the internet, read about ginger . It's super yummy and great for you! I've been drinking a ton of tea that I make with it. Cheers!


  1. awh...hate it when sickness ruins weekend plans..nin jiom is the poison indeed ;)

  2. A weekend cannot be considered ruined if you have pwned some noobs on the internet :)

  3. "You killed Crazy" heh, I hope you feel better very soon.

  4. Aww, I am so sorry you are ill. It is such a frustrating thing to be forced to miss out on plans and just wait to feel better.

    I do hope you are feeling better soon.