Wednesday, 14 November 2012

More Instagram!

Hey Everyone!

I know that Instagram is old and that everyone is already doing it. I also know that it isn't "real" photography.. I mean, how can it be? I take all the pictures with my Iphone! I do think, however, that one does require and artistic eye in order to decide which pictures to take and "Instagram", and I couldn't resist but to join the hordes of people that post doctored photos on Facebook! Here is a few more pictures that I have taken recently while out and about in Portland Oregon. Oh, and yes, for those who don't already know, I am one of those people that takes a picture of everything I eat. I tend to not Instagram those though; they go into my "Lunch" album on Facebook.

A selection of sauces at Southland Whiskey Kitchen

The ceiling deco at a Vietnamese place. Mmm.. Pho! Disclaimer: the lanterns did not look nearly as cool pre-Instagram.

Yummy lattes (and Crepes) at Vivace


  1. I actually think these pictures are great. I prefer that you take them the way you do. 'Guerrilla' style of anything is much more genuine. I'd say it's 'real' enough. A writer is a person who writes, I would address you as a writer any day, anywhere.

  2. Thanks! I do still write as well... new posts to come. As always, thanks for coming by!

  3. I love instagram! The second photo is amazing - the lights look awesome!

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