Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'Tis the Season

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I blame video games. For those of you that don’t know, I am a gamer. Autumn means the release of new games. As a result, autumn also means that my social life, creative activities, and general cleanliness suffer as a result of even more time being spent in front of the PC.

Now, we are headed into winter, and we are being bamboozled by Christmas. Christmas means something different to everyone. Some people have family they only see around the holidays; some have children who excitedly await a visit from Santa Claus. Others embrace the religious aspect of the holiday, and many take the opportunity to give to less fortunate people. The majority of people will spend some time eating drinking and being merry.

To me, Christmas doesn’t really mean anything. Having grown out of religion, having minimal family (although eternally thankful that the one member of my immediate family shares my views on the holidays) and despising the cold of winter, there is no cause for me to eagerly anticipate the holidays.  The infectious spirit of giving, in my opinion, should be present year round. The fact that there are people that have lost loved ones, are suffering financially, or are far away from home reminds me that these circumstances are constantly present; people shouldn’t feel more forlorn or hopeless simply because it is Christmastime. The commercial aspect I find ridiculous. Even though I have partaken in the past and enjoy selecting gifts for people, I don’t like to expect something equal in return, nor do I like the guilt that accompanies a lavish gift bestowed on me by another. The entire concept of the gift exchange makes me uncomfortable.

That being said, I am not a scrooge either. Christmas just isn’t important to me. Aside from joking about hating Christmas whilst ordering Vente extra hot Eggnog lattes which I spike with whatever liquor I can find, I don’t regularly speak ill of the holidays. In life, it is the simple things that really inspire merriment for me: sunny days, good health, the internet, and my loved ones.  I don’t wait until Christmas to reflect on how lucky I am to have these things. I don’t humble during the holidays: my 1st world problems still exist. I miss my sunny days, but enjoy the long weekend that comes with the holiday.

Today’s blog post is inspired by my current Facebook Status: "There are 2 things that I like about Christmas: Starbucks and the man collecting for Sally Ann that sings at Waterfront Station." I admit, it is annoying that Starbucks starts in with the Christmas theme much too early, but I really really like (spiked) eggnog lattes and Christmas Blend. I like the little butter tarts. I like the eclectic Christmas music blasting through their speakers. For those of you that commute in Vancouver, you will know who I speak of when I mention the man that sings at the station. For as long as I can remember, he is there every morning throughout December, shaking his bells, and singing traditional songs. The acoustics in the Marble floored building are one of kind, and even being of average talent, he sounds amazing. It reminds me of something out of a movie, and I am sure it strikes the giving chord in many of the busy morning commuters.

Due to December being a three paycheque month, I have done some shopping, mostly for myself. I have gotten a couple things for others, but would have done so regardless of the season, and of course I adhered to my commitment to simplicity in all aspects of life. I am ready for the holidays to come and go. I am ready to enjoy this season, as well as the next with very special people in my life. To all my readers, I apologize for my sloth and inability to prioritize, and I encourage everyone to eat, drink and be merry throughout the year. Cheers!


  1. Yummy Spike Eggnog! I do agree w/ you abt the winter holidays. The sooner the better, Bah Humbug! ;-)

  2. My sister in law hates Christmas, for exactly the same reasons! I don't think you ''hate'' Christmas. I believe most people just hate the whole fake joy that tv is trying to sell us. I couldn't agree more on that as i work on tv. But i do like Christmas, mostly because when i was young, Christmas in Greece meant snow! And that was good enough! Now i love Christmas, because i will take some days off and go see my parents... I want to smell the rain again, because in Athens all i can smell is fuel gas... I agree with you... sharing is a way of living not just a moto for Christmas. But i wish it would end up a moto for everyday. And yes, noone should feel bad if he is alone during holidays. Most people i know are alone amongst a crowd so... Sorry for my loooong comment! I just felt like talking to you! I send you my best wishes and my love, from a rainy day, here in Athens!

  3. Thank you, I love your comment! I hope you had a great holiday! I am dying to visit greece someday!!