Thursday, 17 November 2011


The snow starts falling, the trees break down
The moment I needed, the one I had just found
Ripped away suddenly, no warning, no sound
With anger and frustration, my heartbeat pounds

I find solace in solitude, in silence I stay strong
I should have been prepared for this, I knew all along.
The minute the cold comes, I feel it won’t be long.
My life now has no meaning, in my heart there is no song.

How long will it take for ‘normal’ to return?
What should I do in the meantime, what have I learned?
I exercise some patience, I ignore the yearn,
I wish I could go back; I would have taken my full turn. 


  1. Good grief Steph, a right pair we are. You have the winter, I have a featureless desert, it's been quite a year :)

  2. This is very well written. I enjoyed reading it- especially the last line.

  3. From the Tilting at windmills family to you, Happy Thanksgiving!