Monday, 21 March 2011

My Top 10 Iphone Apps!

My Top 10 Apps for the Iphone

I love my Iphone. I definitely get my moneys worth with all of the surfing I do on there. I actually look forward to a delayed appointment, as I get a chance to chat with my friends who are overseas, play games, read news… Oh there is just so much entertainment on there for me I could go on forever! Instead of going on forever, here is a list of 10 of my personal favourite apps on the Iphone. Keep in mind that I am not saying these are the best out there, but out of the multitude of apps I have,  they are the ones that I use the most!

1) Facebook. If you’re not a Facebook whore, then you can replace this for Twitter or MySpace. Certainly, you MUST social network, right?

2) E Buddy.  Access your MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ, and Hyves accounts.  Ok, I don’t know what the latter two are, but I do use 4 of the mentioned chat programs.  It is a one stop shop for all your contacts. Usually works without fail, but even when it does fail, it’s worth dealing with to be able to keep in touch while on the go!

3) FML.  I know it doesn’t really do anything, but neither do I, and I LOVE to cruise FML’s whenever I have the chance.  It’s constantly updated, highly popular, hilarious app. It is really my go-to app on the Iphone.

4) Words with Friends- It’s Scrabble, but without the official name. It’s also free. Scrabble. All day. Every day. With anyone who has an Iphone. Can it get any better than that?

5) RBC Mobile Banking I’m sure that if you don’t deal with RBC your financial institution has an equally awesome app. The online banking apps are quickly becoming one of the most widely used apps out there.  Comes in very handy when you need to move money from credit over to credit to buy things you don’t need. Bliss!

6 ) E Bay- Shop online all day. It’s easy to use and links straight to PayPal. The “My E bay” screen is similar to the one on my home PC, and just as good if not better due to its simplistic interface. Ill never miss out on a last minute deal as long as I have this app!

7) IMDB- Better check out that movie before shelling out the big bucks to see it in 3D! It is easy to use, and much better than opening up the site in browser.  It saves old searches, and provides me with all the movie info I need, at my fingertips.

8) CNN- Provides up to date news from around the world. Right here, right now. Includes a Video tab, local News tab, Favourites, and much more! I just have to remember to remain media literate -smiley-

9) Let’s Tans- This is super fun puzzle game!  I use it when I’m not killing time with FML’s. Not too challenging, but still makes me think! Plus, it has pretty colours!

10) Shazam- Simply, it rules! I’m a music junkie who loves to genre hop. Having access to the song title and artist information for random songs that I hear while out and about is invaluable. Simply hold up the phone when that great unfamiliar song is playing and you will never have to wonder again!

The best thing about all these apps, is that they're


Now, I would love to write more, but it is my move on Words with Friends. Please note that Chess With Friends would have made this list, but I am having a hard time winning any of the Chess With Friends games I am playing... So I excluded it based on the fact that it reminds me that I am intellectually inferior.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome any suggestions for more cool apps!

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  1. awe man i used to play words with friends!! i should have kept my iphone heh heh
    possibly one of the coolest apps i had was i believe planets.. well what it does is you can look up any planet you want and see its properties, also you can look at the constelations from your exact postion and their all named.. what a cool app