Wednesday, 9 March 2011


March 8th 2011.

Ok, so I know that I need to blog. Or write anything, really. I have an inferiority complex when it comes to writing, and perhaps that is rightfully so. The majority of my free time is spent being lazy and addicted to the internet.  My first blog entry then shall be about blogging.

I am not here to convince the general public that I am enlightened, omniscient, superior, or even remotely informed or intelligent. A blog, by definition on is a web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions etc. So, I am here to provide you, the (perhaps unfortunate) reader with those experiences, observations and opinions. In other words, I am here to blog… (I love when nouns get to be verbs). I will have to remain focused on keeping it slightly impersonal; the majority of my writing experience stems from journaling or poetry, which are both emotional outlets. Putting anything I have wrote out there for anyone to read is huge for me, not only to have the general public reading it, but also to have people close to me reading it. In fact, keeping in mind that I am neither thin or a good singer, let it be known that I would be more comfortable skinny dipping with the general public and my close friends as would I be more comfortable belting out a Mariah Carey song on national television.

For someone that has a desire to write, I sure spend a lot of time not writing. I do the majority of my journaling (ok, so I haven’t in over a year) or poetry writing (I used to call them song lyrics in an attempt so seem cool and not geeky, although it was only to myself …anyways) on my laptop, which is currently out of commission due to a faulty power cord. My other PC is used primarily for playing video games, and I have trouble tapping into my creative or thoughtful side whist placed in front of a 42 inch screen in a less than comfortable chair. I am currently writing from my work PC… and this will have to do for now. I am done making half-hearted excuses as to why I do not write. I am by no means done procrastinating, but I figure having an initial blog entry may motivate me to write more often.  In regards to my inferiority complex, I figure that the above disclaimer indicating that I am neither informed nor intelligent will help me feel somewhat comfortable when I write. Finally, I am not writing to impress anyone. If you do not like my experiences, observations and opinions, or if you do not like how I present them to you, then feel free to go do something that you enjoy, like read celebrity gossip or the boring old news. I am not at all concerned with grammatical error, improper word usage or spelling, lack of punctuation, or overuse of profanity or slang. I am just here to practice my writing and typing, and revisit some of my experiences.

Here is what you can expect from me: I plan to find the flash drive containing the writing I did while travelling, back in 2008 and 2009. I had a lot of great experiences, and would like to share them. Travelling is one of my few passions, and I look forward to using words instead of only pictures to tell my stories.
I plan to rant and rave about things that arise in the world, in my life, down the street or even in Hollywood. What I do promise is to not post rant-y entries whilst pre-menstrual.
I plan to continue to observe everything and have an opinion on it. I currently share these opinions with co-workers and occasionally my Facebook friends.
I thank you in advance for reading my blog, and I apologize that I may not be as witty or insightful as you were hoping I would be.




  1. Good first entry. You might want to enlarge the text to make it easily to read. Now that you have started, maybe focus on creating a theme for your blog site (text, color, graphics, design, etc.). Looking forward to your next blog. Good luck.

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