Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Head Hurts!

My head hurts.  Like, all the time. Sometimes I experience sensitivity to light, sometimes to sound. I constantly experience sensitivity to the people around me. Having a headache makes it impossible to tolerate anything. I try to suffer through it until medication is absolutely necessary. I know that all the OTC pain medications can have negative effects my organs and that I will (and have) develop a tolerance to them from continued usage. I usually save the pill-taking for extra-curricular activities, and try to just grin and bear it through my workday. This doesn’t always provide a positive experience for my clients and colleagues, but to me my health is #1. Even when I take pills, sometimes I don’t experience any relief.  Occasionally, I am forced to take a prescription muscle relaxant and just go to sleep.

I know that I am not the only person that endures impairment from headaches. It is one of the most common complaints in the workplace. They occur for many different reasons: stress, hunger, menstruation, nutrient deficiency, exposure to chemicals, loud noises… It’s different for all sufferers. Mine are due to extensive soft tissue damage in my back and neck from several car accidents. I try to go to massage therapy as often as possible, stretch daily, use a heating pad, and exercise to strengthen the back and neck area. I get a bit of relief sometimes, but nothing permanent.

Being somewhat concerned about the effects of unnatural substances, I always seek a natural alternative. I have discovered an aromatherapy product that seems to help somewhat.  If you scroll down to almost the bottom of the page on that link, you will see the headache blend. I use it when I feel a headache starting, and I swear, some days it keeps me from reaching that melting point. I rub a small about on the back of my neck, behind my ears and sometimes on my temples. I always put a bit under my nose so that I can reap the benefits of it every time I inhale. I have tried other blends from other aromatherapy companies, but they do not seem to give me any effects. This is why I think that it may not be simply the placebo effect when I apply this product. I know it seems like I have been pushing a lot of products lately but I strongly believe in natural alternatives, and I want to share anything that I find that is effective!

Do any of you suffer from headaches? If so, what kind? Have you found any solutions? Please share!


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  1. Normally my head hurts when:
    - I have no caffein in the morning > coffee would solve this
    - Hungry > food
    - A bit of a cold coming etc > paracetamol ;)