Thursday, 26 May 2011

My Review of Lush Solid Shampoo

I have always been known, not only to myself, but also to my group of friends, for having awesome hair. It’s long and shiny and manageable. I can wear it either curly or straight. Its really the only thing I have going for me. And I embrace it by keeping it long, clean (for the most part), and wearing it down as often as possible.

I recently saw a picture of myself, where my hair was straightened and worn down, and it looked frizzy and terrible. It wasn’t shiny and it was completely lackluster. It looked thin and dry. This troubled me. I sporadically suffer form itchy scalp and have started using a shampoo that called itself “organic”. Upon reading the ingredients, I discovered a plethora of chemicals in it, and couldn’t pronounce the majority of the contents. There were natural additives, but I was still washing my hair and scalp with the chemicals that I was trying to avoid. The bottle said “no laureth sulfate” which I thought was great, since I have suffered rashes and irritation many times due to this foaming agent. Unfortunately, there were other chemicals in it that worked the same way, so my hair problems hadn’t ceased.

I was at a loss; I had used an all natural shampoo in the past but wasn’t fully satisfied with the results or the fragrance. It was pricy and didn’t quite fix my scalp issues. I also felt like I was using more to get it to foam. I started looking for natural products on the internet. I decided to pursue the Lush products. I read everything on the internet about all their products and deicide to give the solid shampoo and conditioner a try. I thought I was strange and wasn’t sure that it would foam or smell good or work. So I read user reviews. They were all good. The solid shampoos and Jungle Conditioner are cheaper than the Lush liquid variety, and since this is only a trial, I figured it would be safer to err on the side of cheap! I dismissed the users that wrote the positive reviews as hippies, but vowed to make my way to the Lush store on the next sunny day. (The rain is no good for my hairstyle.)

After sniffing many of the urinal-puck shaped shampoos, I decided on Seanik. Not only is it blue (I like blue) and fresh smelling, the internet said that it was good for providing shiny manageable hair. I absolutely love love love it! My hair is back to what it once was. My scalp feels clean and moisturized, my hair smells great and it feels soft and thick. I have received dozens of compliments! My hair has gone from greasy, lifeless, and frizzy to shiny and manageable, as promised! This is all in conjunction with the Jungle Conditioner, which is the only solid one that they sell.

I highly recommend Lush Solid Shampoo and Conditioner. I rarely have this many good things to say about a product, but this stuff is amazing. The price is right, it’s easy to use, and there are no plastic bottles! I look forward to trying more of their products, but I have vowed to run out of everything before I buy more!


  1. Good to know! It's unbelievable how many weirdo chemicals are the day-to-day things we use.

  2. These sound really interesting, I'll definitely have to give them a try!

  3. I once Googled the ingredients in Hamburger Helper.. I had to learn to make my own stroganoff after that :(