Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blogging My Inspiration

Since my post count is under 10, and my 1st post was about blogging, it may be premature for me to blog once again about blogging. But I choose to write about what is presently inspiring me or merely what I am speculating on at any moment. Since I chose this blog to pioneer my writing hobby, naturally, I have been spending some time pondering it and thus, I am inspired to write about it.

 I savour the indulgence of writing, and this blog is the perfect outlet for me. It provides me with a process in which I can relish in my narcissism, and it allows me to express my inspiration and speculations. I am constantly influenced and excited by everything around me, and being able to reflect on these things is invaluable to me; sometimes thoughts or observations can disappear from memory and putting focus on hindering the departure helps me to retain those memories, or at least be able to revisit them at some point.

I have encountered a few challenges while blogging. As a blogger, the internet is my medium, and by using such a widely accessible medium, I realize that I am obligated to censor my content. There are events from my own life and past that I choose to omit not necessarily in fear of judgment but in adherence to common sense. I do no have any huge dark secrets, but some things are best left to be discussed in a personal setting, with people that I trust and who care about me.

I find that I am passionately inspired by the people close to me, and I focus on their feelings and life events because I am genuinely interested. Unfortunately that inspiration often has to go undocumented at the risk of exposing the personal circumstances that are important to these people that I care about so much. As a writer (if I can call myself one yet), I am aware that even with omission of names and doctoring of actual events, I can leave someone feeling naked and exposed by using their life incidents for my entries.  It is difficult for me, because after conversations with friends, I often reflect and contemplate the content of the discussion. I enjoy learning from others and being aware of their mistakes, often offering unsolicited advice to people. These conversations direct my life, challenge my thoughts and inspire my musings.

I will continue to work around these pressures, and just accept the fact that some of the things that I would like to write about I will be unable to. Of course, I always get permission from people before using their names or pictures of them on my blog. It is easy to forget these little things in this time of social networks, YouTube, etc. where our privacy is constantly compromised, but it is essential in maintaining the integrity of my material.


  1. I hear you. As much as our blogs are kind of like diaries, the entire internet potentially has its eyes on us.

    Hope it doesn't quell your imagination in general, though!

  2. Like @Lydia said :) Plus, in a world of massively shrinking privacy, I think it's awesome that you value the people around you, and are aware of protecting their privacy (and yours). Go you!

  3. Thank you guys!
    I try to not let it quell my imagination too much, but I admit there are topics that I haven't written about because with the lack of examples I am at a loss of words!! I think I will just practice some drafts and see what I can come up with!

  4. I completely understand what you are saying. It's very easy to talk about yourself online, but not really fair to do the same about others.