Thursday, 6 October 2011

Soap Suds

All of you ladies out there, and any man that has a lady (or ladies) around, will have to agree that we women love bath and beauty products!  Recently my friend told me about this new soap that she had tried. She said her skin felt nice, it smelled good and that it has olive oil in it. That was enough for me! I made a mental note to get to that store ASAP!

The store is Lavan. It is located in downtown Vancouver, and we are the hosting city for the Lavan line. It is made in Israel, and they use minerals from the Dead Sea in their products. The Shea butter soap, which is what I bought, is “bases also on olive oil and coconut oil.” Another key ingredient is the aromatic oils that are used in their products, creating an beautiful, subtle fragrance.

So, last week during lunch, I took the Canada Line train to Granville St. to check out this new store.
I walked in, and was greeted by a woman, and offered an in-store hand scrub. They have a fountain in the middle of the store, and I took the 5 minutes to try out the scrub. My hands felt absolutely amazing when I was done. She gave me a dollop of body butter and I rubbed it in, and then went to pick out my soap.

I ended up buying 5 bars of soap and nothing else. I had come for soap and am trying to become more disciplined on my spending (except at book sales). The bars are $7 each and if I bought four, I would get one free. It seems a little pricey, but I am used to paying a similar amount at Lush and to me, it is worth it. I love to look forward to my shower time!

I will return for the scrub and body butter. When I got back to the office, I made everyone feel my hands, and they agreed that they felt really smooth and nice! I just have to run out of what I am using now (another pat on the back for showing restraint!)

In store hand scrub fountian

Shea Butter soap. Lovely!

Soap rolls for making your drawers smell nice.

Jar of body butter

Loofah Soap!

I am absolutley in love with the soap! I think I will go shower now!
Do you have a fave product? Or something you recently discovered?


  1. The store looks amazing. I love pretty soaps and scrubs.

  2. Ooh that sounds fab, wish we had that store here :o)